Historical photomontage of the history of the Annunciation Cathedral

Historical photomontage of the history of the Annunciation Cathedral from its inception in 1921 to the present as presented at Saturday November 5, 2016 Nights Gala.
The annunciation Cathedral Gala in San Francisco was an elegant, tasteful and perfectly coordinated and executed event. The 500 attendees enjoyed top culinary cuisine prepared by Iron Chef Cat Cora, classical string music, a special historical photo montage of the Cathedral as well as the presence of Vicki Liviakis, the guest speaker for the evening. Congratulations to all that participated in making this event such a success and to believing in the dream of completing the New Cathedral.

Manousos Manousakis at Greek Film Festival in San Francisco

A few words from Manousos Manousakis on the night of the premier of his film Ouzeri Tsitsanis (Cloudy Sunday). The interview was without advance preparation and from the heart of this famous Greek Producer - Director. He spoke about his film as well as his visit to San Francisco and the great success of the San Francisco Greek Film Festival. We were honored to have had the opportunity to not only view his film but also meet him and his wife Maria in person.
Filmed by Kostas Petrakos


Mykonos is a famous Greek island in the Aegean Sea known for its beautiful sandy beaches, incredible night life and high fashion for the elite class of Athens and others throughout the world.  I was on the island on one of my trips to the Cyclades islands and inquired to see something different than the usual tourist sights.  This is when I was introduced to the Gioras Bakery by a resident Mykonian.  This short film highlights the Mykonos of the past when it was not known to anyone and its industry consisted of a few small shops one of which was this bakery.

San Francisco Greek Festival 2016

Today's Greek Festival at Annunciation Cathedral was an amazing success filled with Greek kefi, food, dance and music. I look forward to next year's festival Ave the completion of the new cathedral

Installation of the Cross at the New Annunciation Cathedral in San Francisco

Today on the feast day of St. Konstantine and Helen at the Annunciation Cathedral in San Francisco the Cross was installed at the top of the new Cathedral by helicopter.


Dear members and friends of the cathedral:

Saturday, May 21st, was a historic day for the Cathedral.

Measuring 9 feet high and weighing 470 pounds, the cross over the new Cathedral dome was hoisted up by helicopter yesterday, at approximately 8:20 a.m. Following a safety meeting at 7 a.m., electricians and other workers assembled atop the dome to prepare to guide the wires through the dome (as the cross will be lit at night) and also to secure the cross to the base. After the installation of the large cross, the smaller cross, measuring 4 feet and weighing about 200 pounds, was installed over the entrance to the new Cathedral, above the narthex. Afterwards, Father Stephen led the congregation into the chapel, where the Divine Liturgy was celebrated on this historic day, which also coincided with the Feast of Sts. Constantine & Helen, “Equal to the Apostles.” The Christian Emperor, Constantine is known for having seen the cross in the midday sky, along with the writing, EN TOUTO NIKA (By this, you will conquer). He had the cross placed on his army’s flags, and overcame his opponents. This ushered in the Edict of Milan, in the year 312. Christianity was recognized, putting to an end the persecution against Christians. Constantine’s mother, Helen, found the Cross upon which our Lord was crucified, when she conducted an archeological tour of the Holy Land and built several churches, as Golgotha and the Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem, and the place of the Nativity, in Bethlehem. Meanwhile, the Cathedral’s crosses are adaptations of the Theodosian crosses found on the columns and other artifacts of the Great Church of Hagia Sophia which was built in 415. (This was the second Haghia Sophia.) An earlier church, said to have been built by the Emperor Constantine, was destroyed by fire and the later, 6th century church, which still stands, was built by Justinian. May 21, 2016 truly was a historic day, for the Greek Orthodox Community, for San Francisco, for the Bay Area and, indeed, for the world, as the cross signifies both the love of God and hope for the world!

We are very fortunate that Kosta Petrakos, Petrakos Films, created a video of the event. petrakosfilms.com

Fr. Stephen